"My closet cleanup was so easy and fun. I'm inspired to get dressed, and I've never loved my shoes so much. I've worked with three other stylists, and Ange showed me things I've never seen before."
-- Julie F. A.

"Ange came to my house and lovingly transformed my wardrobe into a realm of possibility, as opposed to frustration.  She helped me refine my closet, helping me to get rid of items that were unflattering or outdated, and helped me understand which pieces were acceptable, preferable, and which were knockouts!  I would love to experience her next recommended offering, personal shopping! Ange has impeccable taste and really knows how to integrate her creativity, professionalism, and class when making stylistic choices. Highly recommend!"
-- Jenny J. B.

"Without a doubt, Ange's sense of style is classic. Whether the occasion be casual or dressy, Ange uses the same elements throughout her styling:  simple yet elegant. Ange selects one-of-a kind jewelry pieces that beautifully accentuate her clothing for a complete polished appearance. I highly recommend consulting Ange for both casual and sophisticated fashion.
-- Grace F. P.